We all know the age old saying “Time is money” and outsourcing to SOS will be one of the best ways that you can ultimately increase your income while decreasing the number of hours you work. 

We have a number of packages available to choose whether you are just starting off in business or well established. Please feel free to give me a call to find out which package would suit your business best.

Package  SPLASH 

On average you could save yourself a morning’s work with this package.

It can be a big step to outsource work if it is something you are not used to doing.  So maybe just dip your toe in to test the water.  Start small like you did at the beginning of your business.  Trial SOS for a couple of hours and see what you think.  Is €97 worth gaining back a morning to yourself?  Is it worth starting to build a strong foundation for your business?  Excellent, efficient administration support is the backbone to all successful businesses.  You don’t think Bill Cullen, Lord Alan Sugar or Gillian Bowler do their own admin??

Price:        €97 one off fee

Package  HELP 

Typically this package will free up a week of your time each month.

The idea that administration is easy or not worth outsourcing when you can do it yourself, is a common belief among small business owners.  And truth be told most of the time administration is easy….but is it quick?  Well it becomes quick and easy when you have over twenty years experience doing just that.  Ask yourself:

  • Does your expertise lie in speed typing?
  • Can you type a letter while having a telephone conversation and still complete the letter and take in the details of the call?
  • Can you organize an event/meeting and also be there to speak to your colleagues and clients when things go wrong at the venue?
  • Can you quickly put together a database of your contacts which allows you to filter and specifically target different client groups for different products/services?


If you have answered yes to the above, then you are my competition!!  Seriously though, as Andrew Carnegie, successful business tycoon once said, “No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself…” 

I understand it is hard to let go, you think you are the only person who can understand and know your business, you feel it is an extra expense to pay someone else to do what you know you can do yourself (if only you had more time!)  But as a business person you need to ask yourself what it is costing your business by not outsourcing.  You want to make money right?  So take a look at this list for a sample of the benefits you will get by outsourcing:

  • More time
  • More focus
  • Increased profits
  • Less Stress


Think of SOS as pain relief for your administration headache!!

Price:        €447 per month

Package  RESCUE 

With this package you can be admin free for a fortnight each month.

So you might be thinking, I can’t afford to have someone do my administration tasks for me, it would eat away at my profit margin but Iask…can you afford not to? There was a study done recently of small businesses by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and it found that owners of small businesses spend on average 40% of their time on the administration side of their business. Think about it, that means you are spending about half the month on work that is not related to the core focus of your business passion. Yes it is essential work, without efficient administration support your business will not run smoothly, but the question remains….how much is doing your own administration costing you? Try this exercise:

Take your hourly rate Multiply it by the number of working hours in a month, typically 160 Now divide that by 2 and you get how much it costs you to spend 50% of yourtime on administration.

Is the figure you came up with more than mine – ie €1,447. Yes? Then it makes perfect business sense to out source to me and still turn a profit.

Price:        €1447 per month

Package  LifeSaver

The monthly LifeSaver package gives you freedom from normal day to day admin tasks throughout each month.

Remember when you started your business?? The excitement, the drive, the ambition, the freedom of being your own boss and doing things your way…..then before you knew it as your business grew so too did your administration tasks.

Unless your business is a Virtual Assistant one then you should not be focusing on an area where your passion doesn’t lie. There are only so many hours in the day and these should not be spent calling your creditors, typing your letters or even filing.

Maybe you are doing all your administration work and still maintaining and growing your successful business too, but if you sit back and think about it, when is your admin getting done. Is it after close of business when the phones die down and your appointments are over…..maybe it is during your free time in the evening or at the weekend….maybe you are even burning the candle at both ends and getting up earlier so you get a head start before businesses open.

So imagine this, you get up in the morning at a reasonable hour,have a leisurely breakfast, go into work and get stuck in straight away organising your sales meetings, liaising with your current clients, having time to make contact with potential clients. You actually have a lunch hour where you can grab a sandwich and maybe even benefit from a brisk walk in the fresh air. Come back in rejuvenated for the afternoon. You too can go home at close of business and have your evenings free to catch up with friends, relax with family or pursue those hobbies that have gone by the wayside. Weekends are enjoyable and stretch ahead of you like a welcome mini holiday. That is what your days could be like with Smart Office Services by your side. We will give you back your valuable time.

Price:                  €2,447 per month

Package  ADHOC 

Perhaps none of the packages suit you or perhaps you feel you wouldn’t have enough work to warrant even the Splash package outlay.  In this case please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your requirements and allocate a fee accordingly.


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