ToDo for An Hour?

If you are still unsure as to whether SOS could benefit your business, take a look at the list below and see a flavour of what could be completed and marked off your “ToDo” list in the space of an hour.

  • Cold Call 25-30 new business prospects.
  • Mail Merge 50 letters including packing and mailing.
  • Data Entry of 50 full contact details into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Follow up on a minimum of 25 outstanding invoices.
  • Research travel, hotel and meeting facilities.
  • Transcribe half an hour of audio dictation.
  • Type handwritten notes or minutes from a meeting.
  • Book your flight, hotel and rental car reservations.
  • Organise files - sorting, labelling and shipping back to you.
  • Make calls to confirm your appointments and reservations.
  • Open and sort post for one week.
  • Stuff, seal, label, and stamp a bulk mailing.
  • Collate and label personalised packs for your seminar/presentation.

If you need some reassurance of our professionalism and an idea of other work assignments completed to date, why not read comments from some of our clients about SOS.